Pulkit Gaur

dream - do - deserve

Some Projects i did

1. Developed Own 32 Bit Operating System from scratch - INTENSE32.
2. Developed own 16 Bit Operating System with file system.
3. Developed Neural Networks based Face Recognition System (Eigenface,PCA and PCA+LDA)
4. Developed Artificial Intelligent Bot. (Uses semantic networks and has common sense database of T.T. (M.I.T. - U.S.A.)
5. Developed Radio Link Protocol (To OSI reference model from scratch)
6. Developed " Voice Recognition and Control System ". (Using own Sound Engine)
7. Developed " Computer Vision and Image Processing " pack. (Can segment image to 16 different objects and identify them from streaming video )
8. Developed a Robot task planning & control Language " ROBOLA ".
9. Developed " Pseudo English to Hindi Converter for blinds "
10.Software based Distance Measurement System.
11.Developed " XANADU a multi protocol multi service network package.
12.Developed " Remote Virtual PC " System. (Complete control of Networked Nodes from any other node)
13.Developed a real time motion detection and tracking system.
14.Wrote many games, editors and Utility software (Boot loaders, Disk Partitioning software disk formatters and emulators etc.)



"INTENSE32" getting booted up.


FACER - BP Neural Network based Eigenface recogniser.

"FACER" - A Neural network based face recognition system.



Neural Networks based Image recognition system. This system has AI/fuzzy logic for very fast classification.


Pseudo Retina

Pseudo retina main screen shot.This project won 3'rd prize at IIT Bombay tech fest.



A multi protocol network utility which won first prize in 4 competitions.


Remote Commander

This remote conrol program works with its own graphic render engine.It uses fuzzy logic to determine which screen part has to be refreshhed.
Coded in VC++ 6.