Pulkit Gaur

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Salient Features of ALIAS

· ALIAS can automatically discriminate between human beings and Non living things.
· If the identified object is a living thing ALIAS tries to recognize the face and the gesture of person.
· If the object is a non living thing ALAIS tries to identify the object and gives its main characteristics.
· ALAIS can be programmed to navigate between two stations automatically using GPS technology.
· It can find the shortest path between two stations automatically and can be used as an AGV.
· ALAIS can find the distance between its target and itself using ultrasonic distance measurement system.
· It uses innovative technology of LADAR to make a 3D distance contour map based on Laser and Infrared.( Still under development )
· ALIAS has temperature measure system with variable coefficient of correction for accurate measurement.
· It has a Direction sensor which can give the accurate orientation of ALIAS w..r.t. Earth’s Magnetic field.
· ALIAS has a small remote operated payload, which it controls by itself for any critical operation.
· ALAIS has common sense databank, which enables it to make some critical decisions.
· ALIAS can be controlled via voice and gives all its feedback via voice and LCD display.
· It has an Illumination sensor for automatic adjustment of various thresholds of software-hardware interface modules.
· Automatic Task planner for most efficient use of movements.
· On board Power supply for 30 minute backup.
· Real-time interface with base station for every small atomic function and updating of status.
· Innovative movement encoding system based on laser.
· It can talk to the user naturally using NLP software subsystem and voice feedback.
· Short-range sensors mounted on wheel forks for obstacle detection.
· Multiplexed sensor input sub-system.
· Wireless camera for transmission of images to remote server unit.
· Unique hand position decoder.
· Detachable Gripper unit for easy loading and unloading of different grippers.



This is automatic path finder "ENCARTA". Thisrobot can be programmed to solve any maze.It can automatically solve and traverse through mazes.



This is "MECHISMO".It contains front fork mechanism which enable it to go through any obstacle which may be even size of the radius of its wheels. Both of the forks work independently.It was designed to go through any obstacle and traverse uneven terrains.


"NEMESIS" with complete setup.It can be programmed in ROBOLA and it is wirelessly controlled via PC. A manual wireless remote control can be seen at right in front monitor.


"Mazer" is a line following robot along with the capabilities to solve a maze using A* algorithm.


Automated traversing platform or "ATP" . This base unit contains a motherboard and other control cards with sensor interfaces. It later served as the resources provider for ALIAS.


This is "HAMMER HEAD".This robot is voice contolled and an autonomous robot with bump sensors, sonar and other features.