Pulkit Gaur

dream - do - deserve

Some Projects i did

1.Developed an autonomous Robot “ALIAS” -Indian Version of NASA’s Spirit rover for Mars.
2. Designed and developed " Wireless Virtual PC Terminal Network “.
3. Developed "Digital Wireless data acquisition and control system"
4. Designed and developed " Digital Wireless Data Modem ".
5. Developed a Laser & IR " LAIRS " for distance measurement.
6. Designed and developed VHF - FM Transceiver (PLL based)
7. Developed " Blind assistance System " with vision capability.
8. Developed “ Pseudo Retina “ for disabled.
9. Digital PC Multi meter and Oscilloscope with real time waveform display.( Using FFT modules )
10. RTTY – 9600 Baud Radio Modem.( AFSK and OOK )
11. RfiD Based Security System ( Rfid TAG and Reader designing.)


Pseudo Retina

Pseudo Retina - demonstration at IIT Bombay.This project won 3'rd prize in open hardware


Wireless Keyboard.

A wireless keyboard which later became a part of Aide-de-Machinia.



Wireless data acquisition system boards.This project won second prize at IITB.


Auto Tracker

An automatic tracker.This system consists of a sonar ( red color) and an IR beacon along with a camera which takes snaps of the
moving target after every 2 seconds. This unit uses LAIRS system



A precise Sonar Development Board which gives an accuracy of 2-3 mm.


2 Watt VHF Amplifier

A 2 watt VHF Fm Tranceiver with PLL. ( Photo somewhat blurr ).


DATA Modem

A micro controller based wireless data modem.It works on QFSK.