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Filed under: General at 08:21:00 On 2007-04-24

Currently we are operating from Ahmedabad.

I found this city to be a big hub for web design, PHP development outsourcing solutions from coutries like U.K. , U.S.A.


Just Google "PHP India" and you will get about 4-5 companies from ahmedabad .. strange isn't it Tongue out

Top reasons which i could think behind this rather unusual phenomenon may be following :


1)Cheaper Solutions as compared to other cities in India.

2)A lot of immigrants are from Gujarat in these coutries.

3)PHP , Web designing are relatively easy to learn and get money flowing in ... ahem 


Still there is a scarcity of quality programmers just like any other city .. coz by the time a programmer realize his potential he already has a lot of compelling reasons to migrate to other cities.



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