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Flash Skinnable Window

Filed under: Flash/Actionscript at 11:07:52 On 2006-05-31

Well ,

I started Flash/Flex a few dayz back.Got allured with its stronger "RAD" capabilities where you need not dwelve much into CSS and Javascript to make some web based application work for basic functionality and portability across browsers is a bless.

Some projects which i did are already online which includes Flash/Flex based web operating system( Web OS).It can be found @ www.ostype.com.

Other is Web Meet - which is an online meeting and collaborative tool.

Though, not getting much time to complete them ,but they will be fully functional soon ,this i hope cool

Ankur ,Chintan and Pratik have been helping me throughout these projects ,whereever i got stuck these guys have been more than helping to me and sometimes even gave their code.

One here comes from Chintan which is very basic thingy but shows how easy is it to inherit the skinnability to you components.

red window blue window

You can download the source from here.


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