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Google Suggest - Hack

Filed under: PHP at 04:00:00 On 2006-05-09

You may like to visit this old project of mine.

This tool does not use Google API.

We have gone beyond one step here from Google by recursively calling the function and appending alphabets from A to Z to the query string to get the complete resultset about that keyword.

For example if you put "paper" as a query the result set will be like :

paper 175,000,000 results
paper airplanes 1,830,000 results
paper mache 403,000 results
paper doll heaven 245,000 results
paper dolls 3,120,000 results
paperdoll heaven 19,100 results
paperport 353,000 results
paperdollheaven 1,780 results
paperchase 72,100 results
paper source 21,700,000 results

I used CURL for this project ,but regex can be used more efectively.

Actually i found this script on net a way back and then heavilly modified it as my webHost was not supporting many functions

putting a snippet here for you to think ahead. P.M. me if you need the complete source.

function buildSuggestUrl($keyword)
return "http://www.google.com/complete/search?hl=en&js=true&qu=" . urlencode($keyword);

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