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AJAX web album with instant zooming

Filed under: Javascript at 12:19:53 On 2006-06-15


Had nothing much to do on tuesday so did this small AJAX based web album with zooming and background loading.

Its not using any backend rightnow ,everything is coded in just one page.
But it provides instant zooming with background fetching.So gives a nice interface where you need not wait for images to get downloaded.
That part goes in background.

I assume many web albums like Flickr and Picasa web album are using the same trick.

Though,it can be made even better by using GD library as backend.
But you see, i am a bit busy cool

Anywayz you can visit it here.

Will keep on working this !

Javascript global variables

Filed under: Javascript at 23:43:14 On 2006-06-08

Discovered something which i should have figured out earlier.

window.myvariable = some_value;

is same as a global variable declared like




var some_value;

function foo(){




Strange but true wink