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ICICI -Worst bank - Poor Services !

Filed under: General at 04:07:34 On 2010-04-09

Generally i do not criticize businesses in public.But ICICI made me do this. Their services are one of the worst in class - specially their corporate banking. Neither the branch manager - nor the other staff either is responsive enough nor do they care about providing value services to their customers. I have been having my corporate account with them - and i have had enough - seems its the time to go to a better bank. So - next time you are looking for a better bank - forget ICICI !

TED India !

Filed under: General at 01:51:54 On 2009-09-16

Just wanted to share with you all that I have been conferred TED Fellowship and I will be attending this wonderful event from Nov. 4-7 @ Infy Mysore campus



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Gridbots featured in It Magazine

Filed under: General at 03:38:38 On 2009-01-28

It magazine belongs to EFY group.

Gridbots is featured in the Feb '09 edition ..

Grab a copy or read it here 



Yay !

Filed under: General at 21:53:01 On 2008-12-06

Just wanted to share with you all that Picporta stood first at IEC 2008 at Faculty of Managment Studies - Delhi.


Winning Team !


Here is the link to results page

Yellow dots of Mystery !

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Automatic Picture Description

Filed under: General at 06:31:41 On 2008-10-30

This is quite exciting ..

We at picporta now have the functionality which automatically can enter picture description for you ....


Although the functionality is limited in its capabilities as of now but we are working hard to make it more and more relevant. 

Picporta @ NITIE

Filed under: General at 05:19:53 On 2008-10-16

We'll be presenting picporta @ Navkriti/NITIE on 18'th 

Will update about the NITIE experience soon Cool

gridSURV Featued

Filed under: General at 00:06:09 On 2008-09-18

Glad to share this news with you all that our autonomous surveillance system - gridSURV was featured in Economic Times national Edition [ 22 september]


Read the news item here  

Vote for Gridbots

Filed under: General at 05:33:16 On 2008-09-12

Hi again ..






Vote for us here


or type "HOT 173" in your mobile and send it to 56767

Vote for Picporta ..

Filed under: General at 06:53:33 On 2008-09-05

Guys ...


Vote for us at TATA NEN


Click the link below and vote for picporta [ Click ]




type "HOT 123" in your cell phone and sms it to 56767



Hello Robocon : Update

Filed under: General at 01:37:30 On 2008-08-23

See you all there :)


Robocon Invitation


Update :


We're back - the event was fun, although did not like the managment much - specially guys standing outside in scorching sunlight for hours.


Guys from Egypt did a gr8 job and should have won.


Dance presentations were awesome - specially mashup of fan dance and kathak Smile



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